Morocco December 09
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The first motel we stayed at in Algeceira was a real dump.
One out of fifty moroccans trying to get money at the border.
At the boat from Gibraltar to Tanger.
On our way to Tanger.
Peter enjoing The first Moroccan restaurant in Tanger.
What was the cat doing at the table?
Our table neighbours as we got drunk.
Going roadtripping with our new kitchen.
The Moroccans packing style.
Marakesh Medina.
Relaxing on the couch.
Our hotel pool breakfast.
Roadtripping through the desert.
Arriving to Taghazout.
The Taghazout village.
Checking out the waves.
Lost in the moment.
Happy from surfing. Getting up from Tamri.
After surfing Killers we snapped a few shots.
Peter with a smile on his face.
Tomas going surfing.
Unknown surfer at Boilers when it was working .
Snapping some pictures at Anchorpoint as it was on fire.
Unknown surfer at Anchorpoint as it was huge.